Saturday, September 27, 2008

Game 4: Red Bulls vs. Force

When the kids were warming up for the game today, the other team had the same uniform. The only difference was that they had black shorts instead of blue ones like our team. Luckily, the coach for the other team had pennies so that it was easy to distinquish the two teams.

It is the end of September and it was so hot. It was blazing hot. I thought I would melt. The kids looked kind of asleep when the game started. Then they got into a bit. Raef started and he played well. The team had so many shots on goal and just barely missed many times.

Then in the second half the Force scored a goal because Raef tried to kick it and completely missed. The ball rolled right into the goal. It was very unfortunate. Luckily, we got the goal back a few minutes later.

The final score...


It was a draw. We probably won, but I think the kids were satisfied with a draw.

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