Saturday, July 5, 2008

New England -- Day Three Cape Cod

Well, this morning we were going to wake up around 8:30 or 9 but when it hit 10am we finally roused ourselves from bed. The morning really got away from us. But we finally got going and headed out on our day of adventure.

We decided to drive to Cape Cod. It was a lot farther than we first thought, but we made the best of the day and time we had. We stopped at a little at festival in a park in Dennis and there was a windmill. Rinar got some cute pictures of the boys.
Zach has been obsessed with giving me dandelion flowers. I get a bouquet everday while we are walking about.

Our next stop was for lunch and we found a roadside restaurant stand called The Friendly Fisherman. It was really busy and the food was great, but probably not the healthiest fare. Oh well...I guess we are on vacation, right? Rinar had fish'n'chips and I got scallops. The kids had an exotic fare of chicken strips and fries.

We finally got to the beach: Nauset Light Beach. It was a pretty beach and I thought the kids could just get their feet wet. In about five minutes they were almost completely wet. I felt kind of dumb because we had swimming suits in the car. What was I thinking? Wet and sand are a deadly combination. But the kids had a lot of fun. Raef kept building a fort/wall of protection and the waves would knock it over. Yet he was relentless and kept fixing it and making it bigger. He had a ball.

While he was doing that, Zach was orchestrating the waves. He would hold his hands up and then bring them down when the wave would roll in. It was cute to see them both doing their thing.

They are so different from each other.

As I promised earlier, here are a few pictures of our two-bedroom hotel suite...

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