Monday, July 7, 2008

New England -- Day 5 Kid's Museum & Ducks

Rinar headed off to work today and we went to the Boston Children's Museum. This museum is seriously cool and that is all there is to it. The kids had a ball and we stayed there for 5 hours. There are three floors packed with things for kids to do. It is nothing complicated or overly ornate, but intriguing and loads of fun. I enjoyed playing with a few of the displays myself.

Zach decided to play a game of checkers. He soundly beat me. I mean he pounced on me. I am really bad at checkers. So then he played another kid and he did pretty well even though he lost.

While he was playing checkers, Raef was in a mock neighborhood market cleaning up the store and organizing everything. It was very cute.
On the way back to the hotel we stopped at a little park that had water and the kids got wet. It was a good thing to be able to cool off. We liked that a lot until Raef had to go to the bathroom so bad. They were both dripping wet and I brazenly stormed into a Fidelity office on the corner so that they could both go. While Zach was waiting I was wiping up all the drip he was leaving on the floor.

In the evening, Rinar and I took the kids to go on a duck tour. It is an amphibious boat that does a tour of the city from land and sea. Raef and Zach both got to drive the boat while it was in the Charles River.

Here are all the passengers "scared" by the novice pilots. This was a good experience. We had a lot of fun as a family on this little excursion.

Now we are at our hotel and the water is turned off. That's right. We have no water. There is construction on this block and they must have hit a water line, because our pipes are dry. DRY! The city has turned off the entire block and they told us that it will be back on at either 12 tonight or noon tomorrow. Well, that really stinks...literally. I am glad I got a shower in this morning, but poor Rinar has business meeting tomorrow and he would really like to take a shower in the morning. What an adventurous day today.

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