Monday, April 14, 2014

An Uneventful Post

Look at Noelle. See, she really can sit up. And today, I saw her planking, holding herself up like she wanted to start crawling. I am probably going to have to invest in some baby gates pretty soon. 

And the rest of the crew...oh boy. These kids are a handful. I especially enjoy how they all love to talk to me, simultaneously, and usually when I am on the phone or trying to get dinner on the table.  It really is uncanny.

Besides this,  I think I might just be the most boring person on planet Earth. Let me see...I woke up, went to the gym and then wimped out halfway through a yoga class. It was kicking my trash and I was not down for the struggle. I made lunch for my kids from a generic Hamburger Helper box, after I took a shower. Wahoo! I took a shower! Then we went to the park and I visited with my friend Melissa while the kids played. After that, we came back and I made a hot dog, potato salad dinner. I did venture to the grocery store with all six kids to get a treat for FHE. Then we did some Family Home Evening and I sent them all to bed.

Yep, pretty darn boring.

Oh, and I forgot. I updated my blog. Unfortunately, I still maintain the same level of boringness from the previous events of the day.

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