Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Delicious Dinner Menu

Rinar bought a small dry-erase board for our refrigerator. He meant for it to be a place to write down stuff we need to buy at the store. But that type of system does not work for me. Then I had the brilliant idea to put the menu up there so I can remember what to cook and the kids can know what is for dinner.

However, I left a few days blank because I couldn't think of what to make that far ahead. I  mean, how do I know what I want to eat two days from now? It is such a commitment.

No worries. The days started to get filled in by my little elves. They took it upon themselves to make a menu: Pizza, lasagna, waffles, Danish rice. The kids were ever so helpful in planning the week.

And then I started to think of even better things. I filled in Friday-Sunday and Rinar finished up Monday-Thursday.  We like to go gourmet at this house.

What can I say? My kids are spoiled rotten!


likeschocolate said...

The menu of what to make is always such a chore. I can't choose that far in advance either. Like what if something comes up and you can't get the meat unfrozen or something. Pinterest has been saving us from bordom.

emily said...

Whenever I ask scott what he wants for dinner during the week I get the same answer, "Something awesome." To which I scowl and write...spaghetti...once again...on the list. I love your menu. I might have to do similar and stick it on the fridge to see if anyone even cares!

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