Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Break Surprises

Spring break ushered in a week of beautiful weather. All the neighborhood kids were home so we did minimal schoolwork. Warm weather and friends meant it was time to play a bit. I invited kids over to do water bottle rockets and share a treat. We had root beer floats and a blast shooting bottles up into the sky. The water is pretty cold from the garden hose so I added some hot water from the sink to take the edge off.

We also went to the park a lot and I caught this sweet little scene on the grass. Harry went to Noelle, who was on a blanket, and was holding her, cuddling her, and kissing her. She was pretty tired so she wasn't too keen on the kissing. But she sure loves her big brother Harry.

I just love this candid moment I captured of Zach with Noelle. He just loves her and slathers her with kisses and attention. Precious moment.

We got some last minute visitors Friday night. Nordel and Brooke came up with their kids to attend a funeral. Brooke's grandfather passed away. They left the kids with us and attended the wake. Our little kids had a blast playing with their cousins. When Brooke and Nordel returned, we were able to play some games and have a little bit of fun. It was also a lot easier to accomplish because we had all the kids in bed and asleep before they got home.

And then on Saturday I decided to organize a simple Easter egg hunt at our local park. I sent out the word and told participants to bring 12 eggs per child. Then all the parents went out into the field and hid the eggs. It was a mad dash for the goods. As you can see, Zach was especially exuberant about the awesome egg hunt. Lots of kids came, it was very laid back, and we were able to visit with our neighbors for a bit. It was a successful morning.

After lunch on Saturday we had the privilege of doing yard work. Wahoo!  I cut down my rose bush and some hedges and the kids pulled weeds. Rinar helped to get trash loaded up into the truck and we were able to check the sprinklers and fertilize the lawn. This can only mean one thing, summer is fast approaching.

On Sunday morning before we went to church, Rinar got a call from his other brother Lyf. He asked to stay at our house that night. He was taking Bryn on a rock-hunting expedition up our way for Monday. That was a nice surprise. After a wonderful church service, it was fun to have more visitors, including Mike and Catye for an Easter dinner of meatloaf and mashed potatoes. 

The week was fun and full of pleasant surprises.

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