Friday, June 14, 2013


I made a critical error a few weeks ago when I let Zach check out a prank book from the library. Now his world revolves around pranks. He bought a prank book, wants to get a prank kit, and has pranks on the brain.  He always tells me that the pranks are harmless, but they can be really annoying when you are the target.

For dinner last night, I started to pour the syrup and it was clogged. Gotcha, Mom!  Haha!

I woke up this morning and looked at my phone and it said 10am. Then I verified with the clock in my bathroom and it said 10am and I about freaked out. Today was not a good day to be late because Raef had chamber music camp that he could not miss.  The house was so quiet. How could it possibly be 10am? No little ones were awake. Unprecedented. 

Gotcha, Mom! Haha!

Then Raef went to put his shoes on and the knots at the eyelet opening hindered this from happening.  Raef was a good sport, but I tell you. That kid is gonna have it coming real soon.

I am going to get you Zach.

Word to the not let your kid get a prank book from the library. Like. Ever.


Hoku said...

Tamahere would LOVE it! But THAT'S why I won't let him get a few books he wants or watch a couple of movies he's like to see (even if they're just rated "PG"). These crazy boys. I hate pranks. :P

likeschocolate said...

What possessed you! I am sure it has been more interesting around your house for sure. Never a dull moment-right!

Ginger said...

Hi Kelly! It's been a long time, but Rinar has brought me up to speed. Congrats on the soon to be #6! Hope to get together with you guys soon

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