Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Week

We did lots of things this week. On Monday night, we met our friends from Lehi for a fun night in the park. Draper does a free concert series during the summer and it was the perfect night to enjoy music and a picnic. The best part was that the artist was Peter Breinholt. When we lived in SLC a long time ago, before any kids, we would play cards all the time with Kristin and her husband Brian.  Whenever it was at their house, we only listened to Peter Breinholt. Kristin is a huge fan. It was fun to be able to share this with her. And the kids had fun too.

She even got her picture with the man himself!

Kristin, with Peter and her kids Izzy and Tim.

Tuesday was another day of violin/viola lessons. Raef's new teacher Aisha lives in Sugarhouse and teaches out of her basement.  Basements in Sugarhouse have a pretty low profile. There will come a time when his head will be touching the ceiling, as some times his bow does when he is playing.

Zach was determined to make cookies this past week and I relented. Of course, he chose the messiest cookie there is to make, sugar cookies.  There was frosting everywhere, but the kids were happy.  Raef diligently put the final touches on the last cookies, making sure they were all equally frosted. The two of them made the cookies from A-Z.  They even got all of the pans and bowls washed as well.

I decided to start tackling the garage this week. It seems even worse than before.  But I am working on getting all of my projects done to tie things up out here. I finished one dresser and am currently tackling an 80's china hutch my grandmother gave me.  It was not a family heirloom, so I don't feel guilty about giving it a major face lift. I hope it turns out okay.

 Yesterday was a lot of fun. I woke up super early and picked up Melanie so that we could conquer the yard sale world.  We did pretty good and then stopped for a birthday breakfast at Food For Thought, a quaint family bakery in downtown Draper. The food was delicious and the hot cocoa with homemade marshmallows were pretty darn good also.

On Saturday evening, we went to a ward picnic. Julia got herself dressed in this ensemble and then did her "pose" for the camera. She was rocking the pink.

Our next door neighbor Merrill loves to restore cars and he has quite a collection.  He brought this baby up to the picnic when we were finishing up. Wow, huh?!? It is an original 1925 Yellowstone tour bus. It can break out into a crazy fast 40 mph's when it gets randy.  Harry and Julia had fun warming up the back seats.

This pretty much sums up my week in pictures. It didn't seem like I did much but I guess there was more than meets the eye. I am going to keep on working on that garage and all the projects that are in there.  It will keep me busy and keep my mind off of being pregnant. That is always a good thing.

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