Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Little Bit of Mayhem

Today was a bit crazy. I am just very grateful that it didn't end badly, because it could have turned out a whole lot different. I was in the basement with Raef and Eli when I heard a bang and a scream.  These are pretty typical sounds in our house, but for some reason I knew this was different. I sent Raef up to investigate and then I heard frantic pleas for help. It is absolutely terrifying as a mother when you are arriving at the scene.  I just kept telling myself to stay calm, no matter what I was going to see.

It was Julia standing in my carpeted living room screaming and bleeding profusely.  I could see all limbs were attached and quickly determined that it was her hand.  I took her to the sink to wash off the blood and found a small gash below the knuckle of her pinky.  She had fallen into the mirror that was sitting on the ground. It was the mirror that was stuck in decorating limbo. I didn't know where to hang it, so I just left it on the ground.  That was a mistake.  I am just so grateful that she didn't cut herself more severely. My prayers of safety and protection were once again answered.  God is good.

Zach was almost as upset as Julia was about the incident. He was playing with her and caused her to fall into the mirror. Poor kid.  Raef stayed calm like me and the two of them did a great job cleaning up all of the dangerous glass.

Then after lunch Eli had an epic meltdown. It had something to do with wanting to hold the hose when they were playing with the Slip 'n' Slide, but not wanting to get wet. His endless crying really stressed me out. I sent him to his room but could still hear the insanity. My stomach started to hurt and my frustration level was at the peak. Of course, this was right about when Rinar decided to call me.  I was hungry, stressed, and generally frazzled.  Mommy needed a time out.

Thankfully, after at least an hour of crying, Eli stopped. Julia was acting just fine. I got to sit in my recliner and bring the blood pressure down a few notches. The frozen lasagna was a blessing in disguise. The kids ate their dinner, Raef put them to bed, and Zach cleaned the kitchen. 

Thankfully, the day is over.

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likeschocolate said...

So happy she wasn't hurt badly!

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