Sunday, April 21, 2013


I am really still struggling to decide if I like the number 6 better than the number 5.  Five seemed like such a nice, complete, well-rounded digit. It seemed so final. Not like...5, but more like 5!

But I guess I am just going to have to start liking the number 6.  I am trying hard to like that number, but it has really been difficult.  Just when I think I have everything figured out and life seems to be getting into some type of groove, life steers me into a completely new direction.  Well, really it is not a new direction.  It is just the same direction, the direction I thought I was getting away from.  Now it will be just more of the same for about the next 4 years or so.

For many years, Rinar and I prayed and hoped to have a few children.  We really did a lot of praying and hoping. It got hard as the months would come and go, and still nothing. Then finally after a long wait, we were blessed with two little boys and we have adored them ever since.  But it was a long time before #3 came along and he only came to our family with major medical help. It was hard. I said I would never do IVF again, such was my misery. But for some strange, uncanny reason, I decided to do it again. It was definitely a prompting from the spirit, because I would have never gone through IVF of my own choice.  And then before we knew what hit us, Rinar and I had really done our part to multiply and replenish the earth.

Holy crap! Five kids. I have five kids.

The end...  Okay, I guess not.

I figured it out pretty early on, but waited a while to tell Rinar. Then I finally took a test to confirm my suspicions.  But I waited another day before I dropped into his office unannounced and slammed the test down in front of him.  Yes, he was incredulous. So was I. I still am.

Life is changing again for our family.  Six.  But let me be really clear...6!!!

The end.


Carolyn said...

It's aaalllllll good. : p

Zana said...

Seriously! You up and leave and take all your exciting news with you? Well, you are good to share but I would have loved to drop off treats (low sugar maybe :) to satisfy any pregnancy cravings. I'm just remembering our last conversation when you were holding Kimberly's little girl & I said you should have another & Rinar told me to be I understand :)

bk said...

crazy! must be cuz you guys are great parents and the Lord could trust you with another one. :)

Lindh Family said...

Congratulations and hang in there! Our thoughts and prayers will be with you. "Thy will be done" can be sooooo hard sometimes. I've been known to just walk around with a crazy look in my eye (beyond my normal crazy) muttering it under my breath, sort of like a mantra, in an attempt to survive. He will strengthen you and you will come to know Him better (again) for this. Good luck!

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