Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Monterey and Big Sur

The movers came to our house on Thursday, March 28 to pack everything up. Then everything was loaded into the truck the following day.  Everything went pretty smoothly and the house was cleaned and completely empty by 5pm.  We said our goodbyes to a few of our friends and neighbors and then hit the road for a little vacation. The truck would be in Utah by Wednesday and Rinar had to be in San Francisco by Tuesday. 

I always wanted to go to Monterey and had never been able to, so why not take the opportunity while we had a window and it was still relatively close? We stayed in Vacaville on Friday night and then left early Saturday to get to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It is a pretty big aquarium with an even bigger reputation. And boy, was it crowded. This is what happens when you decide to visit on Easter weekend. Still, the kids had a lot of fun and we were able to see just about everything.

We stayed in Salinas for the weekend. I really wanted to see the views that Monterey had to offer, so after church we took a little road trip down the coast to Big Sur and back.

Look at these views...fantastic. It was kind of cold, but it was crystal clear outside.

Since it was a little cold, I had to relinquish my coat to Zach, who was woefully under dressed. Look at that kid. He had no worries about the fact that the coat was a very girly shade of pink.

We stopped at several scenic spots along the way. We would make the kids get out and do a little hike. They tolerated it.

And then they didn't. Well, only one kid didn't. Eli was not happy when he saw hike in front of him to make it down to the beach.  He grumbled all the way down the path. 

When we got to the bottom, the sand was great, even though the water was absolutely treacherous. I didn't even let them put a toe in, it was really that scary.  But all of them had so much fun playing at the beach. They were engrossed in it.

And then we had to leave...and once again, someone was very displeased with the news. Eli grumbled, cried, moaned, and complained all the way back to the car. He did not want to leave.

Right before we turned around at Big Sur, there was this amazing coastal ranch. It went on for many miles and was enchanting. I just couldn't believe there was a ranch of this magnitude in such an expensive place. I mean, this has to be one of the most expensive coastline addresses in the world. But there they were...lots and lots of cows. They seemed pretty darn happy. 

Before we went back to the hotel, we decided to do the 17 mile road in Monterey. This is where Pebble Beach is, the famous golf course.  And by the way, it really is a pebble beach, very large pebbles actually.

Our first two days in Monterey were wonderful. It was refreshing to be out in nature, enjoying these beautiful heavenly creation with my six most favorite people in the whole world.

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