Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Denti$t

Almost the first thing I did when we got here was to get my little girl into the dentist.  Her teeth were horrific and we waited to get them fixed with the move to Utah. It is a lot more affordable here and that was important because she was not on the insurance. And this could not wait, they were so bad.

The final verdict was 14 cavities. Holy crap! 14! This is what happens when you steal mom's candy, hide it in your room and eat it every night before you go to bed for about a month.  Candy is expensive.

It is a darn good thing I didn't wait to get her in to the dentist.  About 4 days after her initial appointment with Dr. Moffat, this girl goes and gets an abscessed tooth.  Do you see that swollen jaw? The bad teeth were probably aggravated by everyone getting sick. The abscess was pretty wretched. Usually I just let things play themselves out before I rush a kid to the doctor. But after asking my friend Paisley about it, she was really worried and told me to get her in ASAP.  

The dentist put her on antibiotics and pain meds and we waited for the big appointment, when all teeth would be fixed at one time at the hospital. Yes, the girl had to go to the hospital for her appointment because she had to get general anesthesia. 

Here she is right before they took back. The appointment took several hours and after 5 hours total, I was able to take her home.

But look at this horrific tooth, the abscessed one. They couldn't save it, so the doctor pulled it out. Now there is a big hole in her mouth.

I am just glad we are done and you can bet that there will be no candy anywhere near a bedroom!

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