Sunday, March 17, 2013

Fishing Tournament

Rinar's brother Nordel is on the fishing team for Dixie State College. Did you know that colleges have fishing teams? I didn't.  There was a fishing tournament in Chico, California on January 18th and Rinar decided to bring the hotel to Nordel and his teammate Matt for the weekend competition.  In other words, he pulled brought the trailer and brought a cheering section: Zach and Eli.

Nordel represented Dixie State well and finished in the middle of the pack. While they were out there on the lake, Rinar took the kids around town for a little bit of sight-seeing. Zach and Eli had so much fun and were able to have some good bonding moments: around the fire, eating elk jerky, playing games at the campsite. It was a great weekend for the boys.

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