Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eli is 5

I think it would be very safe to say that this may have been the most anticipated 5 year-old birthday party in the history of the world. Eli has been talking about his birthday party for the past 8 months or so. It was almost to the point of an obsession. This is what happens when you are the younger child in the family and a guest at a brother's party. You know that it is totally awesome and you want one of your own.

Finally the day arrived. The big party.  We actually held his party on Wednesday February 20, because of another birthday party being held on his actual birthday. I don't think he minded that small technicality.

It was a great day for Eli. He had lots of friends come to his party, just the way he envisioned it. We played many games and colored and ate cake and enjoyed treats.

Ira had a mouth full of marshmallow in this fun game.

Here is Eli mastering the bean bag toss. Look at the concentration in his eyes. Masterful. Carter is standing behind him, then Kaislee, Ira, Jason, Harry, and Lincoln. 

It is wonderful to have to very enthusiastic 11 year-old boys. They were so helpful with the games and activities. Plus, it was a day off of school, a double bonus for them! Ira shoots, while Kaislee, Lincoln, and Jason wait their turn.

Eli is an avid colorer and he was joined by Alyssa, Abby, and Kaislee. 

Alyssa is getting ready to pin the Lego on the Lego board. 

 Harry nailed it! Good job kid.

And finally, the birthday cake. I took Eli to Costco to pick it out. I would have liked to have made the cake but I had to be practical considering the fact that it was a day after we came back from our house hunting trip in Utah. I put a Skylanders toy on the top and the kid was pretty darn happy.

I have to say that I have been very blessed to have this boy in my life. It was not an easy journey to get him here, but it was worth every poke, punch, prod and appointment I had to endure. He is a joy beyond measure. He is so sweet and kind, thoughtful, full of love and joy. I love watching him grow up. This kid is going places.  I love this little boy.

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