Monday, March 18, 2013

Farewell Galena

Saturday night we had a lovely evening at Chris and Kimberly's house. They hosted a farewell party for us and we had so many wonderful people come to wish us well on our journey to Utah. We had fun eating and visiting. I have been very blessed with the many associations I have made in Reno. And I can say that I have definitely learned a lot about myself over the past two years.

Gloria, Steve, Rob, Anna, Sariah, and Leah

Kelli, Larae, and Kimberly

Rinar and Rose

Paul, Brett, and Brian
 Rachel and Rusty were not able to make the party because they had a long drive back from Sacramento. So Rachel invited our family over on Sunday for some cake and ice cream. The kids had a lot of fun playing with their family and that gave us time to visit with each other. Rachel and Rusty are fun and we enjoying hanging out with them. I wish we had been able to do it some more. We will really miss them a lot.

But the kids sure loved the dessert.


Lindh Family said...

You're right, we both learned a lot about ourselves in those two years there in Reno. So glad the Lord put us both there at the same time. Good luck on your move!

likeschocolate said...

Good Byes are always so hard; especially the saying bye to friends. I am sure you will make new friends quickly in St. George. Hope you move goes smoothly.

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