Wednesday, January 30, 2013

They Blossom

I think this is turning out to be the longest month in the history of my life. Is it really still January? We have been plugging along here, doing stuff. My children are just blossoming and I am along for the ride. 

Harry has really become quite the puzzler. I am amazed at how skilled he is at puzzles. He will spend long periods of time putting puzzles together, and he just loves it. He likes for me to watch, but does not need my help.

He also likes to collect things. It is a trait sent to him from heaven. The kid is a hoarder. Lately, he has collected every little toy he can get his hands on and puts it in bags and has to take it everywhere. The best kinds of bags are Julia's purses, so Harry was prepared this last Sunday. He had a fabulous green bag to accessorize his snazzy church outfit, and a stuffed dog. He calls the dog Pepperoni. Pepperoni is the name of Mary's dog. If it works for her dog, I guess it will work for his stuffed animal too.

And in other news, Julia is getting ready to get major dental renovations. Apparently, the kid has about 20 cavities. Yes, go ahead and award me all the Mother of the Year awards I deserve. I am so proud of myself, what can I say?  Tomorrow, one lucky dentist is going to be getting the down payment he needs for his new Mercedes Benz.

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