Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Announcement

Okay, so I am really going to make it official here on my blog.

Yes, we are moving.

Rinar got an offer he could not refuse...to be the branch manager at the Reno/Tahoe Fidelity branch.  We are moving to Reno, Nevada. I don't have an exact moving date. But Rinar will officially start his new duties on February 28th.  The time has come to move on.

I went with him a few weeks ago for a quick trip to Reno and let me tell you, it is a beautiful little city. I had a chance to go to Tahoe and I swear that it is a bit of heaven. It is so beautiful. Wow.

He is going to be very busy transitioning to this new job and he won't be home much in the near future. However, with his new job, once we get settled in, he will be home every night. Isn't that wonderful? It will be so great for our kids.  Over the past 4+ years he has had a job where he would travel every week. We got used to it, but it is now coming to an end.

I am not sure when the rest of us will officially move to Reno. We are going to sell our house, hopefully, and I am not in a hurry to pack up all my stuff and then put it in storage while we live in corporate housing. I am hoping to avoid that as much as possible.

But now we close a wonderful chapter in our lives.  It has been a good run here and I am so grateful that we could be here in Las Vegas.

I will really miss the people who have become a part of our lives. You will all be dearly missed. I will also miss Grand Central Station. That would be our house.  Over the years, we have had tons of visitors, expected and unexpected because of our close proximity to the airport. We have been the official park-n-ride all these years and it has been great. Now we are not on the way to anything, I guess.

Now I will know who really loves us in the future, huh?


normakimokeo said...

I had to GASP when I read your first sentence!!! MOVING?!?!Forgive me for sounding like a geographical idiot, but where is Reno in relation to Las Vegas?

Will you need help packing up to move? or will you have lots of helping hands from all your friends in you ward? One nice thing about moving-- it forces you to "sort & purge" ...we all have a tendancy to accumulate too much.

I must say, though, that that prospect of having Rinar home every night is wonderful for you AND the kids. Congratulations to him on his promotion!! Happy for you. Love you all, and still hope to come visit sometime(s)! :)

bk said...

that sounds so scary to me, but also REALLY REALLY exciting!!!! hooray for rinar, hooray for more quality time with him, hooray for you, hooray for the kids, no hooray for the kimokeos who will similarly miss "Grand Central Station" ...notice we are the first to comment on this blog post? haha.

it is exciting to start a new chapter. i look forward to the posts documenting the transition...you are great examples of taking a leap of faith to go out your comfort zone and start a whole new adventure!

Southern Kiwi said...

I'm still pouting 'cause you left Atlanta ;o)
Congratulations to Rinar and good luck with the move. Good times!

Meridy said...

I thought so. ;)

I'm sorry that you are leaving behind such good friends, but I'm glad that you are liking the looks of Reno.

Cynthia said...

It will be totally worth it to have him home each night. Good luck with the move!

PS- my little sister is expecting twins so I DO get to do the twin thing again- just don't have to have a second set myself. Woot!

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