Sunday, December 5, 2010

When a Two Year-Old Decides

We went to St. George on Friday. It was a quick trip. Heather is here and she wanted to see the condo and the Grandma's.  We accomplished all those things.  The funny part of this was on the journey to St. George.  When we were five blocks from our destination I heard an urgent call from the back of the car.

"Go potty Mommy!" 

Eli's face was strained and he looked like he might burst.  I reassured him that we were almost there and stepped on it.  I didn't want an accident when I was so close to the end!

I pulled into the driveway and Eli started screaming. I unbuckled his seatbelt and he only got more irate.  I decided to ignore him and pulled both of the babies out of the car and put them in the condo. Then I went back out and Eli was still sitting in his seat and he was not happy.

"Eli, let's go potty! Come on."

I decided to extract him and I really had to. He went rigid and so I put him down. He proceeded to climb back into his seat.  What the heck was going on?  I asked Heather if she could understand him and she was just as stumped as I was. Finally, he put together a cohesive sentence.

"Eli potty on road!  Potty on road!"

What the heck?  Oh, then it finally dawned on me. He wanted to potty on the road.  When we drive to St. George and they have to go potty there is absolutely nowhere to stop. So, we just pull over somewhere and get the business done.  He wanted me to drive him out to a deserted road so that he could pee properly.  I offered to let him pee on the tree in front of our condo but he wouldn't have it.

I luckily had a lollipop and I bribed him that way.

You never know with that kid.

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