Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Busy Week

This is in front of our condo in St. George. There have been tons of leaves and it is better than Disney land. The kids have been in heaven playing in the leaves. We don't really have anything like that here in Las Vegas so it is nice to get away.

It is especially fun to bury one year-olds in leaves. Well, it is fun for the older kids.

Zach has rediscovered his love for the piano. I love it.

Julia and Harry got new pjs, thanks to Black Friday.  Don't you love the stripes? Does this  mean they belong in jail?

Look what Raef made at Cub Scouts.  Yay! One Christmas thing I can check off my list.

The boys played with NSA at the mall.  They played for an hour...especially Zach. He had to play every single song and I was so proud of him. He didn't do anything embarrassing. He has come a long way.
Eli came with us. Yep, that is Jamie with his newly fianceed Leah. They are getting married in March in Oregon. Leah was the maypole in this picture as Eli and Jamie ran circles around her. Then Eli discovered the escalator. It was an Elf moment. It was hilarious. We must have gone up and down that thing 30 times. He was in heaven. If you are ever trying to think of something fun for your toddler to do, just go to the mall: escalators and elevators!

We had a ward Christmas party Saturday night and I decorated a table. Yay for me!  Thank you Leah and Heather for helping me.
Heather came to visit as well. She stayed for 4 days. She thought she was going to get a break.  MWHA HA HA! I think this was more stressful for her than what she has in Arizona.  But she seemed to have fun. We just hung out and did the regular, boring things. She is such a good auntie.

She even played Wii with Raef and Zach. I don't even do that!

Then we decided to decorate the Christmas tree. Eli decided that he would put all of his Christmas spirit into these math manipulatives. I could not pry him away. By the way, it would seem that this shirt will be making a lot of appearances in my blog for now. He will not wear anything else. The kid's got style.

The boys loved decorating the tree.

Bye Heather. Thanks for spending time with us. I don't think we will see you for a couple  of years.  That is how long your nap will be to recover.


kuuipoaotearoa said...

what a fullon week! The tree looks sooo nice! Can't believe how big the twins are now, good job on your table decorating!

EdgyK said...

I was the same way too. When one of the kids did a gingerbread house at school my brain said, "check."

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