Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some Stuff...

It has been a pretty boring week. We have pretty much been house-bound because of the severe hot weather. And when you couple that with the fact that I have a strong resemblance to Augustus Gloop, daily outings have been drastically cut around here.

However, we have been doing a little bit of moving and shaking around the house. My husband was so kind last week to move Raef and Zach's room to the office. We repainted it a lovely shade of blue and are still working on getting stuff moved out, and their stuff moved in. But with their bunk bed out of their old room, we were able to set up a new white bed frame and the queen bed in their old room. This will be Eli's room when he is a little bit older, thus making room for two new additions, soon to be arriving in the fall.

Eli has been a very busy baby these days. He is climbing on everything and getting into everything, and just being a general menace. A cute menace, but nevertheless.

Here he is trying to bring the garden hose into the kitchen. Why? I don't know. It probably seemed like a good idea at the time. He has also been caught standing on top of the kitchen table, every chair in the house, and most recently the keyboard of the piano. Yeah, that was a little bit scary.

It is also a little bit frustrating when you are trying to practice the violin with Raef and Zach, and he absolutely insists on sitting on your lap while you are playing. It really isn't a problem when he just sits there, or even if he plays a couple of notes while I am playing. It gets problematic when he has to turn the pages of the music. So, unless you can play the minute waltz in about 5 seconds, he can be a real pest.

Here he is sitting on Rinar's lap quite serenely as they practiced tonight. How cute, huh? Don't let that angelic face fool you. It is all an act, I tell you.

And wrapping up with the whole Augustus Gloop theme, look what I did to my pants today when I tried to pick something off of the floor.

A huge rip. The shorts are irrepairable. Oh well. As long as my other clothes can stay together for a few more months, I should be just fine.


Angie said...

The beds look great, I like the quilts.
Good job getting things done.
I picture Augustas with chocolate smeared all over this face and I am almost sure that is not the case with you, so pick another role model.

Kelly said...

Can you think of another inflatable person role model? Let me know. You will see what I mean when I put my 26 week picture up on Friday.

Eve said...

Ripped pants, ROFL, great boost for the pregnant ego hunh! Oh, I do feel for ya.

Hm, another "inflatable" role model, how bout the Michelin man? (Ducking) lol

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