Thursday, July 9, 2009

Benefits of a Private Pool

Last night, Raef was complaining about being sunburned. I didn't enforce the sunblock yesterday because it was the late afternoon and they both have established tans. They wanted to go swimming at about 4:45pm. No harm, right?

I was totally wiped out and needed a nap. Eli was asleep so I was happy to let them swim while I slept for a little while.

Therefore, when Raef complained of a sunburn I was confused. How could he be sunburned? The clarification came from his wonderful, and oh-so-informative brother Zach.

Raef was swimming naked in the pool. The sunburn was on his lily-white bum, and other private places.

Naked? Naked in my pool? Don't they know they need bathing suits in the pool, even if it is our pool?

Raef replied that we have a private pool, so it is okay. I was surprised he was able to defend his position so succinctly. Where did he hear that from? He pointed right back at me. Apparently I had said something like that to a cousin while they were visiting.

Boy, kids sure do listen, don't they?


Likes Chocolate said...

Too funny!

Angie said...

Oh to be a child and have such a free spirit.

amanda nay said...

ha ha! This cracked me up! How great to be a kid and things like this make sense. But then it hurts sometimes!

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