Friday, June 12, 2009

Kids Say and Do the Darndest Things

A couple of cute kid stories...

We had just taught Eli how to nod yes, instead of no all the time. I think he has definitely gotten the concept. On Sunday, we had a joint third hour meeting in the chapel. Rinar and I were both sitting there and Eli started walking towards the front of the room. He got all the way to the stairs at the podium and turned to look at us because he knew he was being naughty. Both Rinar and I simultaneously were shaking our heads, NO, and he was vehemently nodding his head yes. It was cracking me up.


Last night, Rinar was reading a scripture story to the kids. It was about Lazarus. He lived in Bethany with his sisters Mary and Martha. Rinar told them he would quiz them at the end of the story to see if they were listening. Raef has two cousins who are sisters, Bethany and Bryn. Bryn is his best buddy. When Rinar finished the story, he asked the kids, "Where did Lazarus and his sisters live?" Raef got really excited and raised his hand to answer the question.


It was very cute.

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Meridy said...

That is hilarious---You've got to tell Bryn about that. ;)

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