Sunday, June 14, 2009

Eli's Loving Life

Here are some cute moments of Eli in the past few weeks. In this first one, we are playing Apples to Apples and Rinar is holding Eli. He is a little tired, but very comfortable. He just plopped his feet up on the table and was very relaxed, watching the game unfold. Eli kept closing his eyes as I snapped some pictures. He is such a little snuggler. I am very blessed.

And here he is after a bath. I stick the towel on top of his head and then he likes to go for a walk naked. It is so funny, at least to me it is. But I guess I am his Mom, so I am a sucker for stuff like this. ***FYI, the piano music in the background is Zach of course***

Finally, we have enjoyed having the cousins over: Xayden and Jayde. They did a lot of swimming and playing and just being together. It was a pleasant weekend. Here they are all enjoying a popsicle together on the swing. Eli loves to eat popsicles with his friends on the swing. He will sit there the whole time and just chill.

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