Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Aspen Grove 2009

The Coburn family reunion was held at Aspen Grove, Utah this year. It is a family camp owned and operated by BYU. There are tons of sporting activities to do and the scenery is so gorgeous. The camp is tucked up on the backside of Mt. Timpanogos. It rained when we first got there, but by the time we were ready to do official activities on Monday the weather was perfect. It lasted all week until the day we left.

This is the Coburn family. Well, it is probably about a third of the entire group. There were lots of missing families, most likely due to the economy. It is always fun when we get together, no matter who makes it.

Here is Grandma E. waiting with Eli to get our picture taken.

This is our family picture...

We did a lot of eating. It was served buffet style, so after a few days Raef and Zach would just go in there by themselves when meals were being served and get what they wanted. It was hard figuring out where they were half the time. But it was pretty much a sure-fire bet that if they weren't with their little camp group they could either be found on the badmitton courts (Raef especially), or playing air hockey in the game room.

Raef LOVED badmitton!

Eli liked to play around the badmitton courts. He is doing the same thing Raef and Zach did at the same age. We had come here last time for a Coburn reunion when the twins were the same age as Eli.

Rinar is holding Eli, Brennan is holding his son Shysen, and Nordel has got Tru in his arms.
This is Eli, Tru, and Shysen. They are all about the same age and are all cousins.
It was late and we were playing family games. Nordel and Brooke's son Tru just fell asleep in the middle of the floor. He stayed there quite a while and didn't move a muscle. It was adorable.

We had the traditional family talent show and Raef and Zach rocked the joint with The Witches Dance. I know I have posted them playing this before, but this is a really cute rendition.

There were so many activities for the kids to do. This is Bryn doing the rock climbing wall. Rinar took this photo.
Lounging at the pool...
Eli wasn't happy for some reason. Here is a cousin, Hailey, trying to comfort him. Oh yeah, the reason he is not happy is because I took him off of the teeter totter. I think he stayed on that thing for 30 minutes. I was just tired of standing there.

Sheri, Hoku and I were surprised with a baby shower. Sheri is due with a boy in August. Hoku is having a baby in December, and I get one of each in October.

This is a funny sequence of pictures...

Oh well.

The kids are with their Cubs class, practicing there song for the final night.

These were Raef and Zach's counselors for the week: Devon and Shaelie.

At the show, which we had to do indoors because of rain. Raef is ready to go.

Then it was on to the family dance. They had a mean congo line going. It was lots of fun.

Zach is dancing with some little girl. I am not sure what this is all about, but it looks like he was having fun.

"Y.M.C.A" with Grandma.

Nordel and Tru are boogeying...

It was a lot of fun. See all you Coburn's in 2 years...in Hawaii. ALOHA!

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Likes Chocolate said...

How nice to have such a large family. A friend from the ward just went to Aspen Grove with her family. Sounds like a lot of fun!

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