Monday, May 5, 2014

Noelle is Seven Months Old

Noelle has now passed the seven month mark.  She is really coming out of her shell now. First of all, she has filled in a lot and is quite a little chubber now. And man is she busy. She loves to grab stuff with her hands and even feels everything out with her feet, if she can. Noelle is sitting like a pro now and rolls everywhere. In the past few weeks she has started to semi-crawl. But with each passing day, it gets better and farther. She also likes to stand on her head and can get to a sitting position from her stomach. She watches everything and takes it all in. 

I feed her just about anything and she seems receptive to everything so far. Noelle has lost interest in binkies. I don't give them to her anymore. She naps well and definitely does a great job sleeping through the night. This is a fun little baby.

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