Monday, May 19, 2014

Golden Spike Trip Fail

And here is where I got this "brilliant" idea to take my kids on an educational field trip. My garden was all planted, tests were completed, pretty much all of their schoolwork was done. It was time to get out there in the world. I drove the kids up on Thursday to see the Golden Spike National Monument. It is about a two hour drive from our house. 

Everything was going really well here in these pictures. I took them when we arrived at the place. It was just after this that I began to question my sanity. Insert eye roll and excessively long sigh here...

The little kids acted just the way I expected them to. The problem was that Raef and Zach were not interested in this at all, no matter how I tried to engage them. They were so distracted by everything. I had difficult time getting them to read anything or look at anything. You get the picture. It was pretty darn frustrating. We saw some of the demonstration where they actually drive the train down the track a bit. And then I waved the white flag, put the kids in the car, turned the music up, and drove home. 

We are supposed to go out east this Saturday for an American history trip of epic proportions. It ought to be interesting to see how it goes. But I am not holding my breath.

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Kelleyn Rothaermel said...

We have trips like this! They have a sign in Alaska along the trail for a golden spike. I saw it many times when I worked on the railroad.

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