Friday, February 28, 2014

Noelle at 5 Months

My darling little Noelle is now 5 months old. Holy cow. And she is growing and learning quickly. Just a few days ago, this little girl started rolling over. She is a pro going from her back to her stomach.  I didn't even realize she was doing it. I guess this is what happens when you have 6 kids. 

I put her on her back, on the ground in the living room. Then I went into the kitchen to get something. When I came back, she was on her stomach facing the kitchen. I then sat back down on the couch and was working on updating my new iPhone. A few minutes go by, and Noelle was still on her stomach, but now she was facing me. Somehow, she had turned all the way around so that she could face me.

She is such an amiable, loving, smiling little girl. Most of the time, she doesn't make a peep, but just watches everyone and takes it all in. She especially looks at me and is constantly studying my face. And now she is starting to grab at stuff. I find her little hand on my face most of the time that I hold her. 

Noelle is also starting to eat solid foods, when I get around to formally feeding her. She really likes peaches mixed with rice cereal and bananas aren't too shabby either.

I guess we will keep her.
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