Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Way To Go!

Eli finished up his soccer season last weekend and got this cute little trophy. He was so proud of this trophy. He carried it around all day and showed every person who was in his path.  It is the best trophy ever made! When I tucked him in that night, sure enough the trophy was right next to him.  Eli is very proud of his trophy. And actually, they really did win it because they won all of their games and tied the two they didn't win, or as Eli would say, they copied.  

Way to go, Eli!

And speaking of cool stuff, Caleb S. got baptized. I have known this kid from in the womb. I met his mom Melanie when she walked into my nursery class 8 months pregnant with him to drop off her oldest kid Halle.  And I have seen him grow up. Now look at this boy. He is 8 and baptized.  Wow, time is really flying by. He is such a neat kid and we love him so much.

Way to go, Caleb!

That night, we went to a Halloween party at Jordan and Bubba's house.  They really went the extra mile. They made their main floor into a haunted house and it was pretty spooky, I have to say. Then the party was in the basement. We played games and visited. It was a lot of fun and a great way to wrap up Halloween. 

Way to go, Jordan!

And this past week I went the extra mile with school. I took all of my kids on a little field trip to study erosion and weathering. This is a section the boys are working on for Earth science.  I figured we could observe everything in their book by going up Big Cottonwood Canyon a bit. Sure enough, we stopped a few miles up the road at this place and were able to observe rust, lichen, and general weathering.  There was even an educational sign that talked about weathering with those particular rocks the kids were climbing on. My kids learned something AND we got out of the house.

Way to go, me!

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