Thursday, November 21, 2013

Catching Up

One of the perks of moving to Utah is that people actually pass through and sometimes stop for a visit. It is awesome. We always had lots of visitors when we lived in Henderson but it got pretty lonely out in the middle of nowhere Reno.  Reno really is not on the way to anything.

So it was a real treat to have Leslie, Greg, and their four adorable tots visit us for a few hours. They had gone to Vegas and were heading back to Canada. Luckily for us, Draper is right on the way.  The kids played and we were able to catch up after all these years. I was fortunate to meet Leslie when she was a newlywed to Greg and started coming to the Sunset Ward. I spoke at her baptism and we served in the Primary presidency together. I think she is about the nicest, sweetest, most genuine woman I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  I am very blessed to call them my friends. She had Caleigh two weeks before Eli was born. And all of her other kids are just about the same age as my little ones.

There they are back together again. What a cute couple!

We were also able to celebrate the end of the football season for the Corner Canyon gray team. Coach Jeff and all the boys were a positive influence on Raef. It was a great season for him and he has really grown. He loves football more than ever.

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Our Happily Ever After said...

Awww Kelly...I just saw this post and started bawling. That's just about the nicest thing anyone's ever said about me. I, too, feel blessed to have met you and call you my friend! I still remember when we first came to the Sunset Ward...Rinar & you were one of the first ones to make us feel welcome. That meant A LOT!! Miss you guys. We will definitely stop by again and visit on our way through. Hugs n kisses to you, Rinar & your little ones!!!

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