Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I've Got the Dress

This dress is kind of special. My mom made it for me and I wore it in my first grade school picture. I had bleach blonde hair and a dazzling smile. Now my dazzling little daughter wears it. And she is even more adorable. My mom gave me this dress over Christmas last year and it was such a wonderful surprise. Julia thinks so, too.

She is quite an amazing girl and she says the cutest stuff.  She always wants to go with me to 'scub scouts'. She loves to watch the movie 'Stoy Story'. And of course, there was this unforgettable exchange with her matter-of-fact older brother, Zach.

Julia doesn't think she is a princess, she knows she is. This came to a head a few weeks ago when Zachary was trying to prove to her that she is in fact, not really a princess. "Julia, you can't be a princess. Your dad isn't a king."

Nope, she wouldn't have any of it. "I am a princess. I have a dress!"

Boo yeah, girlie. You got that right.  She sure does have a princess dress, in fact, she has 2. 

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