Sunday, May 12, 2013

A House Filled with Love

Thursday just felt like a get-out-of-the-house sort of day. I wanted to do a little bit of exploring of the area and that took us to American Fork Canyon. It was a lot colder than I had anticipated, so we didn't stay long. But these three sure enjoyed throwing rocks into the reservoir. It is a family classic activity.

And what can I say about this kid? Just can't stop kissing him...

On another day this week, Zach came running into the house full of excitement at a discovery. He had found an ant swarm around the corner and he wanted to show everyone. We all walked down the sidewalk to take a look. The little kids were completely enthralled in this little bit of nature.  They sat and looked at it for quite a while. These are the nice little black ants so nobody got attacked.

And for Mother's Day today, this was my present from my kids. They each gave me a heart with the things they love about me. 

Raef's orange card said, "Mom your the best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, best, mom in the world. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo"

Hmmm... maybe we should work on adjectives.

Zach wrote, "What I love about you is you're kind, cheerful, sing well, make dinner, and help me feel better."

Harry said... 
1. I want to give her a kiss. 
2. She is buu-tiful.
3. I like to draw her a picture.
4. I like her to play legos (lay-does)
5. I like her smile.

Eli said...
1. I love the breakfast she makes me.
2. She is very nice.
3. She is very, very kind.
4. I love her and she loves me.
5. She lets me work lots of days and get money.

Julia said...
1. She makes a ponytail.
2. She makes pancakes.
3. She is Kelly.
4. She makes me waffles.
5. She gives me hugs and kisses.

Raef also made me a cute necklace. He drew a heart on cardboard, colored it red, and put it on some red yarn. I was stylin' at church today.

It was a good week filled with a lot of love. As we were driving home last night from a dinner we had with our friends Kristin and Brian, Raef just tells us out of the blue that he is so glad to be a part of our family and that he loves our family so much. It was very sweet. Yes, it is a house filled with love.

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