Sunday, October 21, 2012

Party Like a Three Year-Old

I finally got around to throwing a party for Julia and Harry. Their birthday came the weekend of the marathon, so we had to postpone the celebration a bit. Good thing they didn't know, right?

I spray painted hair blue and pinks. Some of the kids thought it was crazy cool and the others just thought I was crazy.

Raef and Zach were so helpful. They loved being a part of this party. Raef even set up an obstacle course, which was lots of fun.

Then we tried some Duck Duck Goose. They sort of got the game, except some of the kids took the long way around the circle, as in a quick jaunt around the entire house.

We then went outside and shot off balloon rockets. That was lots of fun.

And why not have a costume parade?

Time for some cupcakes. Harry blew out his candle with his party blower.  The party blowers were a big hit and kept everyone busy for at least 20 minutes.

He was a bit surprised when the flame went out.

Instead of doing ice cream, I opted for a classic popsicle.  I think everyone was pretty happy.

It is official now...happy birthday to my latest three year-old muffins. Love you guys.

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