Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's Playoff Time

Raef and Zach and their team, the Galena Grizzlies, made the playoffs. They had their first playoff game on Saturday at Sparks High School.  And guess what? They WON!  The final score was 32-12.  It was a great game and the team has really improved this year.

But the real trick when you go to a football game is to keep the little ones entertained for about 3 hours.  This is accomplished with lots of food and candy, a train caboose, and cool bleachers you can jump on, climb on and under, and, oh... silly neon glasses.

Julia, Harry, and Eli did great! 

Since the boys won, they get to play again this coming weekend. It will be against the #1 team, who has annihilated all of their competition this year, including us.  I am not holding my breath, but I hope they can at least make an improvement from the last two times we have played this season.  We shall see.

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