Friday, September 28, 2012

Chugging Along

I checked here on my blog and then was like, holy crap! I haven't blogged anything in a week.  I guess I have been a bit busy.  It has been a good week for me.  First of all, I get to taper on my running, because the marathon is next week. It is great to look at the schedule and see that you only have to run 3 miles. It is a nice change. I need to get an 8-miler in tomorrow and then I really just have 26.2 next Saturday. I am ready and glad to be done with it.
And mark my words, this will be my last marathon!!  Tie me up and send me to the looney bin if I even flirt with the idea of doing this again.
As for the rest of this week, it has just been school, school, school; a whirlwind of a week.  The boys continue to progress nicely in their studies. They also are plugging away at football. There are four games left on their schedule.  They probably have one of the toughest schedules. in the league.  Regardless, we are  thrilled they got a 'W' last week.  I hope they play well tomorrow. The game is in Fallon.
Playing with some masks we got from our travels. The left one is from Nicaragua and the right one comes from Hawaii.
Harry and Julia continue to grow and I can feel a certain level of maturity starting to settle into our lives. And let me insert a heavy exhale right here.  Thank goodness.  It still is craziness in these parts, but I feel that I have definitely gotten over the worst of it.
When we do homeschool co-op on Thursday, Julia and Harry go to a preschool class and they are doing great in there. Eli has been bumped up to real classes. He takes Music in Motion and a manners class.  I am still teaching a history class for boys called Horrible History: Tudors, Explorers, and Pirates.
I also realize it is about time to start teaching Eli how to read.  I am not that concerned about it right now, but the time is fast approaching and I think he is ready to start.
Julia still loves it when I take her picture. She is also obsessed right now with a Disney Princess sing-along DVD.  She watches it all the time and then asks me to sing a specific princess song, like Pocahontas or Ariel. And she still gets wistful when she thinks about the color pink.  Just the other night we saw pink clouds in the sky, and she tucked her hands under her chin in a demure pose and smiled so happily at the pretty pink clouds.  And she still loves to pick flowers, especially pink ones, from the neighbors yard.
Harry is really growing up. His obsession with cars is fading a little, but he always finds something to fill the void. Right now, he really loves coloring. I am surprised at how good he is at it.  He will sit at the table for long periods of time to color.  It is even better when he does it with Eli. The two of them are light years ahead of where Raef and Zach were back then, when it comes to coloring.
And just the other day, Harry was talking to me about hair. I asked him where all of his hair went, since he just got a haircut a week ago or so.  He told me that it went into the garbage.  What a smart boy.

I guess we will just keep chugging along.

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likeschocolate said...

Sounds like a perfect balance! Have a great week!

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