Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Week of Pictures

There is no cohesive theme in this blog today.  But I thought I would share some cute pictures from the last week.
Harry likes to color.  I think for a two year-old he is pretty darn good at it. Luckily, he has a thing for orange paper. This makes it easy to distinguish his scribble masterpieces from the other scribble masterpieces that are lying on the floor in various locations around the house.  The kid is quite proud.  And who knows, at some point he may graduate to yellow! Or green! Or blue! But for now, it is orange, thank you very much.
We took the kids to Lake Tahoe last weekend, before public school started. It was fun to hang out with friends from church and enjoy the nice weather, while it is still here.  Julia and Harry were a cute little pair on the beach chair, eating cookies together.
She has a wild smile and a thing for chocolate. This is her smile pose for the camera.  A bit demonic. Maybe a little inkling into her very "strong" personality.

And sometimes, something really cool a random nap on the couch right when I have to make dinner.  It is like the whole house can take a deep breath and exhale.

And in completely unrelated news, look what happened at the park.  This totally cracked me up.  She ran over a bicycle.  They had to dismantle the bike with a wrench to get it out.  Just glad it wasn't me!

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