Tuesday, August 30, 2011

To a Real Bed

Well, the time has come. I knew it would be soon enough, and here it is.  I put Harry and Julia in beds tonight. They were really tired and did not get a nap today because we spent all day at Lake Tahoe.  Therefore, I did not get much militant bedtime resistance.  I haven't heard anything so far, so I am assuming sleep has won out tonight.

I decided to take the leap for one simple reason, they both can and do climb out of their cribs. Julia started doing it last week and for the past few days, especially Sunday morning at 6:50am, she has come into our room to wake us up....{{grrrrr}}  I think that Harry has worked up the courage to do it from watching his sister repeatedly escape from her crib. As of today, he has solidly gained this ascending/descending skill.

Frankly, I am glad we are entering this phase of life. I am tired of those stinkin', rotten cribs.  Right now there are cribs and the bunk beds in their room.  Those are getting 86'd tomorrow.  I will be able to put the train table in there and arrange things nicely.  

I had ordered some door locks from Amazon.com, but they didn't fit.  But I do have a plan.  The door has a lock that will be difficult for them to undo (I hope), so I will just lock them in when it comes to that.

The next week is probably going to be a little nutty until we get them trained, but since I don't have much going on, I am ready for the challenge.

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