Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Boating Trip at Lahontan Reservoir

A few months ago, we won a bid at our ward's Boy Scout Auction Fundraiser to do a day of boating.  Pete D. has a boat and he took us to the reservoir south of Fernley, about an hour from our house.  Dana and Ken and their family also have a boat, so they took Crystalin and Scott and their family, all fellow ward members.  

It was a day of boating, something we have never done before.  We decided that in order to maximum our fun quotient, we hired a babysitter for the day and left Julia and Harry home.

Eli was the very first person to do a water sport.  Does he look scared?

  He is not!  He was just very unhappy that he had to wear a life jacket.  But things got better quickly.

 Eli loved it.  He was in his element.  When he was done with the boat, he spent hours just playing on the sand and playing in the water.  He barely said five words to  me all day. He was in heaven.

Raef and Zach also loved the water sports.  They got several turns on this contraption.  Then they did knee boards and a big, flat intertube that you hold onto for dear life.  It was loads of fun.

This is my best action shot of the day: Summer and Luke going airborne.  They are cousins and they sure had fun.

Crystalin and Tessa had fun, but they weren't quite as lucky. They were the first ones to fall in. But they did it with a smile on their faces. It was good mommy/daughter bonding time.

Pete's son Eric is the guy who looks like the pro.  He could really ski.  Rinar also did a great job on the one-foot board, but seemed to have a hard time on the wake board.

A day at the lake is a great way to spend time with the family.  And we didn't even take home a sunburn.

Eli clunked over about halfway home.  It was 5:30.  We put him to bed and he didn't move until he woke up the following morning.

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