Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fidelity Luau

We hosted Fidelity's work party on Saturday. I tell you, when you host a party, it forces you to clean your house and finish up the odds and ends that need to be done.  I was glad for the motivation. And now I am glad that the party is over.

But the weather was impeccable, everyone was able to make it, and it was fun hanging out and relaxing in an informal setting.  Plus, there were a lot of lawn games happening.

Kevin and Marilyn

Gwyn and Ben playing some horseshoes. Gwyn is Jim's daughter.

Mara was checking out the yummy veggies.

For some reason, Julia really likes Mara's husband Aaron.  Rinar really likes him too. He does a great job at work.
I am wearing a vintage muumuu my grandma gave me. She got this dress in Hawaii in 1969, on the way back from Guam.  I love it. I am standing with Wendy, Brandon's wife. She is an amazing cake decorator.

This just cracked me up. Mara was kicking the pink all with her killer heels.  Toes were painted and everything.  Even with the heels on, she looked like a soccer player.

Adam stuck around for the party, before he headed back to Sacramento.  Aaron brought his Bocce game.  They loved it and played many rounds..

Kevin and Brandon. Two more stellar employees. These two were actually missionary companions back in the day, and are still best buddies. They work together and their wives hang out as well.  It is really cute.

Jim and his wife Karen. He is a new hire and has been doing well.

I didn't post a picture of everyone, but we love them all, regardless.

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