Sunday, May 29, 2011

St. George Triathlon

Rinar is hooked on triathlons. He even has his little triathlon group.  It is a lot more fun to do races like this when you do it with other people. He completed on May 22nd in St. George, Utah. It was a perfectly beautiful day to race. I went with him early and while he was setting up, I went for a nice run.  Then it was time to take some pictures of them in action.

Bart, Rinar, Rich, Johanna, and Scott gearing up for some friendly competition.

It is time to swim. Every other person was wearing the same wetsuit. It is hard to pick someone out of the  crowd when they all wear the same thing.

39 and under Olympic men started the race first...Rinar, Rich , and Bart.

Let's just say that it is Rinar out there swimming...oh, close enough!


Rich came out of the water first, but Rinar's transition was much faster.

Girl power! Johanna even posed for me as she got on her bike.

Bike is done.  Now it is time to get the run on!

Rich was feeling pretty good when he started to run. He was a few minutes behind Rinar.

Rinar has about .8 left to go.  He looked a lot better than his first tri in August on the same course.

Raef and Zach came at the end to see the big finish.  Way to go, Dad!

The big finishers.   Bart was overall #1 for their little group. Now it is on to the Boise half Ironman in June.

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NormaKimokeo said...

Rinar looks fantastic! So trim and athletic... You two are quite an athletic pair! What an inspiration.

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