Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Megan's Wedding

Jeff's daughter Megan got married last Saturday. Since my house is just around the corner, I decided to go over there and take some pictures of the wedding party. I ended up taking a lot of pictures of Lani's little girl, Jessica. She is about 6 months younger than Harry and Julia, so they have a cousin just their age to play with in the future.

Jessica, Jazon, Lani, and Jazon's girlfriend. I can't remember what her name is.

Jeff and Jessica.

Megan and her little sister. 

We went to the wedding reception in the evening. I had purchased a wedding present for them, but then I forgot to bring it because I didn't drive. I got a ride with Rinar's parents.  So the wedding present stayed in the back of my car for a week.  Grrr....  I also forgot my camera. But the reception was beautiful. It was outside in Santa Clara at the historic Relief Society building.  The gardens were tranquil and lovely. It was the perfect night for a reception.

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