Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Miss J's Day

I was a little sad thinking that I would never have a girl and do all of the girly things. Then we were blessed with twins and the ultrasound tech identified the boy... and then the girl!  I was going to have a daughter. I was so thrilled.  But I never could have imagined Heavenly Father sending me such a perfect, lovely, sweet and mild little one as my Julia Linda.

Juli-lah, you are perfection. I love your cute personality and that dimply smile. I love your soft curls and the fact that you keep the hairbows right where they are supposed to be.  I love how you are a bit mischievious and like to splash in the toilet or crawl up the stairs. I love all of the squeaks you make as you make your way through the world.

 But most of all, I love how you love me.  You nestle your little, petite body against mine and bury your head in my chest or wrap your arms around my neck and won't let go.  You are my jay bird, Miss J, Princess Pea, Princess Julia. 

Of course we all knew that you would be a princess, but who could have known that you would be the most gracious and kind princess of all. I love how you get the biggest smile on your face when you look at a picture of Jesus or when you greet me in the morning with that special twinkle in your eye. But most of all, I love you just because you are you, my daughter.

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