Monday, October 11, 2010

John and Helen, Norma and Kimo

John and Helen came back from St. George on Friday night and stayed until Sunday morning. They caught a flight back to St. Louis. Then we went to church and did our Sunday stuff and in the afternoon, guess who Rinar went and picked up at the airport?

Yep, that is Norma and Kimo. They stayed over for dinner and some games and were taken to the airport Monday morning. Pretty cool, huh? Here is a picture of Norma and Kimo looking at my blog on my computer. I thought that was kind of funny so I had to take a picture and put it on  my blog.  

They say that Salt Lake City is the crossroads of the west, but I think they are wrong. It is right here at my house.  So stop on by. We will pick you up at the airport, feed you dinner, and let you sleep in a comfy bed.  The house may not always be clean but it is loved-in.

I have also been working on a musical number with some women from my ward.  It is going to be fantastic. I am anxious to perform it this coming Sunday. We are going to sing, "How Can I Keep From Singing?", and American folk hymn: 8 ladies and me, Christina, Leanne, Jonna, Rachel, Jen, Keri, Lenore, and Cyntha. It is such a joy to be able to make beautiful music with people. I forget sometimes how much I love it.  By the way, Sally Deford writes gorgeous music and arranges classics and you can get them for free!  If you are looking for a musical number to do for Christmas, Easter, whatever you should take a look at her site. It is fantastic.

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