Thursday, August 21, 2014

Helaman Triathlon

Saturday was a big day for Zach. He competed in another triathlon sponsored by the church in this area. It was free and is called the Helaman Triathlon. This is the fifth year they have done this, but our first chance to participate. The kid did great. I wasn't able to see the beginning because I had to take Raef to Summit High School to do his final weigh-in for football. But miraculously, I made it for the end and actually got to see him run a bit.

Zach finished fourth in his age group and had a lot of fun competing. Rinar also competed. He did well, finishing second in his age group to his best buddy Bart W. And amazingly enough, he won a trophy for the Master's division. Neither of us are sure why, but it was still pretty darn cool.

We had a pretty good turn out from our ward. 

Rinar, McKinley P., Emily M., Zach, Zach M., and Lindsey M.
 It was also sweet to see Rinar's triathlon buddies compete with their kids as well. Scott won his age group and his daughter won hers also. Bart beat Rinar and was able to get his daughter Natalie to participate. She finished strong with Bart and Monica running with her to help her to the finish line.

Next year I hope that I can compete also. I just have to remember how to swim and maybe actually ride my bike once in a while. Oh, but it will be fine. I have all year to practice, right?

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