Thursday, July 18, 2013

Riverton Carnival

We went with Melanie and her kids to the Riverton Carnival a few weeks ago. It was $1 ride night, so a super cheap night of fun for us cheapskates.  We gave a bunch of tickets to the older kids and let them go off on their own and then took our little ones on the kiddie rides.  They really enjoyed themselves.

And then I waited with the little ones while Melanie took Eli and Ava on the Ferris Wheel.  Man, those things take a long time, with the loading and unloading.  But they all seemed to enjoy themselves and while we were waiting, we ate cotton candy and drank some sugary drinks.

It was getting late when we left and Melanie and I thought it would be a good idea to get a snow cone at a street vendor around the corner. These ice shacks are all the rage in Utah these days. It looked pretty busy, but we dutifully waited in line for our turn. After waiting 20 minutes in line, we asked them how long it would take to get our order and they said it would be at least 40 minutes. What!?!  I don't think so. We packed those kids up in the car so fast and headed over to Arctic Circle. 

Just living it up in the summer time!

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