Monday, February 11, 2013

Crafty Kids

Since it has been a great ski season, Rinar has been taking Raef and Zach to Mt. Rose every Saturday.  The rest of us stay at home.  I decided this last time to take the little ones out somewhere. Sometimes you just need to get out of the house.

First, I really needed to conquer the rat's nest, also known as Julia's hair. I had succumbed the day before and let her walk around with a tangled catastrophe on her head. But two days of this was even more than I could take. But the girl did not want me touching her hair. I sat her up in the sink and she promptly flopped backwards. She was hanging upside down crying. Then she turned sideways when I snapped this shot.  But, I went in there, undaunted, and got the thing brushed.

It didn't take long for her mood to swing in the other direction. They both helped me clean up the car while I fueled it up. Don't you love Julia's outfit? She picked out that colorful ensemble. It reveals all of her sassiness.

Then it was time for the free Saturday morning craft project at Home Depot. In all these years, I have never taken one of my kids. I always forget. But not this time. And let me tell you, these kids loved it. Eli pounded every single nail into his little letter holder. Then I sent him off to paint. I helped Harry and Julia assemble their wooden boxes next. They would hammer some, but I did the majority of it. It went much faster for these two. 

And boy do they love to paint. Harry is an avid crafter/artist. He just got right in there and painted every corner of his box. They all did, actually. It was a really fun morning. I must go back next month.

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