Monday, December 17, 2012

Ugly Sweater Party

Because I got the mad thrift store shopping skills, Rinar and I were looking suh-weet for a white elephant/ugly sweater Christmas party at Molly and Jimmy's house last night. Before we even left the house, I knew we had a winner when Julia asked Daddy why he was wearing an ugly sweater.  Bingo! Yes, she really did say the sweater was ugly. My girl has quite the eye. My sweater was so-so ugly. I know I can do better. All future thrift store trips will include sweater perusals. I am determined to find something uglier.
The party was a lot of fun and the white elephant presents were truly hideous.  Rinar's gift was picked first: a box of travel soaps from the many different hotels he has stayed at over the years.  Nobody wanted to get stuck with his gift. It must have been traded at least 20 times.
Rinar first got a pair of over-sized overalls, but they were soon stolen by Diane and Mark. They then proceeded to model them, together, at the same time. It was just too funny.


Besides my awesome lion cookie jar, the hot item of the night was this corduroy jacket. Everyone wanted it. Rusty even wore it to church today. They all took turns modeling it, holding a Conan the Barbarian goblet.

Mark, Rusty, and Jimmy

I tell you, this very last minute white elephant party was a blast and I know we are going to have to do it every year from now on.

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