Monday, July 25, 2011

Ophir Creek Trail

I have discovered the joy of hiking with my three oldest. It is a lot of fun. We don't ever get very far, but it is a nice, free activity to do.  Now, we are fortunate enough to live where there are ample hiking trails very close to our house.  They have breath-taking views and I want to experience it all while I have the chance.

On Saturday, we did a trail at the top of Mt. Rose summit. Just on the other side of the summit is Lake Tahoe. This trail was on the Tahoe Rim Trail system.  There were still lots of patches of snow on the trail and the boys had a lot of fun shoeing down each little hill.

Zach scolded Eli and so Eli was upset. But he still looked adorable holding a daffodil. You can get an idea of how cold it has been up here since the daffodils just bloomed.

But Eli was a trooper and he kept on plodding along the trail. I am just whipping this boy into shape so that we will be able to do longer hikes over the next while.

This is one of my new favorite activities to do with the kids and it sure beats them playing the Wii all Saturday afternoon.


NormaKimokeo said...

What did you do with the two little ones?

likeschocolate said...

hiking is a great way to burn off some energy and the great thing is that it is free.

Kelly said...

Kiddos stayed home with DAd and took a nap. He cleaned the garage. It was Saturday.

Zana said...

aw weakness is not wanting to wake up early (always forced to of course) but you're right, the day goes better when we start it intentionally :)

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