Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bargain Bin Sideboard

I picked up this beauty at the Goodwill Bargain Bin for $5.  I was so excited. I wanted something narrow that I could put in one of my hallways.  This fit the bill perfectly.

A little bit of paint, a little bit of fabric, a little bit of stenciling and here you go.

My latest creation. The paint is from Walmart. It is a Glidden color. It matched some fabric I had on hand. I decoupaged the fabric onto the front, to create an interesting front detail. After carefully measuring and cutting, I immersed each panel in the glue and then laid it onto each cupboard front.

I still haven't done anything with the pulls, but I just need some spray paint and it will be done in a jiffy. I just couldn't wait to put this on my blog.  It was a fun way to spend an afternoon while the babies were napping.

I printed a stencil pattern off of the internet. Then I cut it out by using wax paper, which I layered in blue painters tape.  I then glued the pattern on top. I rearranged it a bit to get the look I wanted, then I cut and cut while I watched reruns of Project Runway. It was kind of a pain, but I wanted to challenge myself and try something new.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! I love the stencil too. Five bucks - gotta be happy with that!

Southern Kiwi said...

You did a really nice job on that Kelly :o)

NormaKimokeo said...

You did ALL THAT while the kids were napping?!?! Unbelievable! You are amazing. (and that purchase for $5 is just as amazing... Where do you FIND these things?!) Great job! XOXO

Lindh Family said...

Looks great!

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