Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stronger Than I Think

Well, it is a new day and it is pouring down rain outside. I love it. I love the smell of rain and the cozy feeling, staying in the house. In Las Vegas, you do not get much variation of weather. It is usually hot and hotter, sunny and sunnier. But not this week.

I have been busy with my Olympic Challenge and so far I have been successful. I have eaten under my calories so that I can lose weight, and as hard as it has been to fit it in, I have been able to exercise for 4 days straight. I have been surprised at myself and how easy it has been to stay away from the treats and junk.

I guess I am stronger than I thought. But I know I need to just take this one day at a time.

My clothes are going to fit soon.

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Terresa said...

Whenever I've been post partum, it's taken me at least a year (more with the twins) to lose the weight.

I gained around 60 pounds during pregnancy, which I was fine but after the babies were born I realized I was, in fact, a cow. Not good.

I tried to lose weight after each baby/babies, but in the end, felt frustrated, fatty and depressed. Bouts of PPD didn't help, either.

Now, looking back, I wish I had more grace and patience with myself.

You go, girl. Staying away from treats & junk is a great start, you are on your way!

PS: Read your post on MMB the other day about IVF. Double wow!

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