Sunday, November 15, 2009


There were lots of visitors today. Catye and Josh left this morning. Then after church, Rinar went to the Riviera Hotel to pick up his Uncle John. He was here for a math convention. It was fun to visit with him, eat pancakes together, and have a mini-concert for him. John also played a few piano duets with Zach, so Zach was in heaven.

It is always a pleasant surprise when you get a visitor, especially family from far away who make the effort to stop by. It is what life is all about, I think.

This is really surprising...the last visitor of the day. Sam B. visited us from North Carolina. He is the father of one of my close friends from my childhood; Sarah. He stayed for a few hours and we had a really nice visit.

He is here for a month doing a project with his work. Thanks for visiting us. We had a blast.

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